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Portofino Restaurant & Bar thrives only on delivering the best quality‌ food and drinks. We make everything in-house because we know it pays off when you savor our food. From handcrafted dough to delectable sauces, refreshing salad dressings, and scrumptious meatballs, we strive to create a unique and authentic taste you will cherish. We have thoughtfully designed our restaurant environment to make it a perfect place to mingle and unwind.

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About Our Restaurant

Experience the pinnacle of Pacific Northwest dining at Portofino restaurant in Edmonds WA. Since 1988, our contemporary and warm ambiance has played host to everything from casual hours to special occasions. Check out our renowned fresh specials, delectable pizzas, and American fare. Do not miss our homemade pizzas - a local favorite. Discover why Portofino has become a favorite destination for pizza lovers, day-trippers and locals alike.

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